Wednesday, May 5, 2010

7 weeks old today!

Today, Julianna is seven weeks old!

The 3 of us have been quite busy the past few days. Sunday, was an amazing day at church. We were blessed to hear Dr. Ray Young speak in the am and pm services. The pm service was especially wonderful because he was preaching on rearing children. He gave some great, practical advice. It was a good message for all parents, especially newbies like Josh and I. We hope and strive to be great parents to Julianna!

Monday and Tuesday, our church held East Coast Soul Winning and Church Growth Conference. We had several wonderful speakers and fabulous music. It was all so touching. Especially a group of girls from a girls home in South Carolina. The church was filled with tears as they were giving their testimonies.

Speaking of church, last night when I went to pick Julianna up from the nursery, this is what I found:Before we left for church on Tuesday evening, my mom and dad (nana and paw paw) stopped by to visit our little on. My mom brought a few goodies for us, including a piece of antique glassware that was my great grandmother's from the early 1900s and a little musical teddy bear that was mine when I was a baby. Such treaures to have!

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