Thursday, May 27, 2010

10 weeks old (+ 1 day)

On Tuesday, Julianna and I went out to run a few errands. We stopped at the natural foods store then Staples to see Josh's mom. A lady came up to us and I was saying how adorable Julianna is. Then she said something about her being about 4 weeks old. I told her that she was actually 10 weeks old. I always seem to forget that she is a tiny 2 month old due to having a low birth weight and being born 3 weeks early. She just seems so big to me compared to how small she was when she was born! She was only 5.8 at birth and now she's over 9 lbs.

She may be small but there's no doubt she's developing like a 2 month old. Here's what she likes and has been doing lately:

1. She enjoys sitting in her Bumbo seat, especially when mommy or daddy is sitting right in front of her.

2. She has great head and neck control. She enjoys looking all around the room.

3. She enjoys kisses. A lot!

4. Speaking of kisses, when you kiss her she smiles and if you're lucky, she'll lick you too!

5. She licks her lips frequently.

6. She enjoys playing on her play mat. She reaches for her toys, bats at them, kicks her feet like crazy, and stares at her pretty self in the mirror above the mat.

7. She "talks" to the fish in the mobile over her swing.

8. She still grunts a lot too. She was grunting the first time I ever held her.

Josh and I are really enjoying being parents and every moment with our precious Julianna. She even sorta giggled at Josh this morning and waved. Well, it could have just been a coincidence that her arm raised in the air when Josh said bye to her but it was cute nonetheless!

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