Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Hair and Beauty Bag

Happy Tuesday! I hope you are all having a great start to your week! Today, I'm sharing my latest cut and style as well as what's currently on rotation in my beauty bag. I have to get my hair colored on an eight week schedule because I've had some gray hair since I was 18. Not fun and it seems like I have even more gray hair every time. I really hope that is not going to be the norm for me! My hair is naturally pretty dark and my stylist does the best job coloring my hair! She does a shadowed root so that my regrowth looks more natural, which I love plus some low lights. I went a little darker this time (more natural for me) and I love how my color turned out! I feel like this color really makes my brown eyes pop! My cut is an angled bob (that she just trimmed up because I'm letting my hair grow out for now) and she curled it with a 1.25 inch curling iron. I wish she could come to my house and style my hair for me every day. 

After my hair appointment, I went to Ulta to restock some products that I love but I also wanted to try a couple new things. I picked up the concealer and facial spray that I am going to talk about below plus my favorite mascara and hair ties. My girls came along with me for this Ulta trip and they absolutely love that store. They had a blast testing out the brightest red lip sticks, lol. My husband is definitely in trouble with those two!

hair and beauty bag, hair style, hair color, short hair styles, budget beauty buys

hair and beauty bag, hair style, hair color, short hair styles, budget beauty buys

Concealer | I have been really wanting to try this concealer because I have heard such amazing things about it but honestly I am pretty cheap when it comes to purchasing makeup most of the time. I decided to treat myself and had one of the employees match my color for me. I definitely would have picked the wrong color so I definitely recommend asking someone to help you when you purchase it for the first time. I have been using it for three days now and I am absolutely loving it! Such a great concealer and worth the extra pennies!

Facial Spray | This is a fairly inexpensive product so I was excited to get it a try too because it also has great reviews. You can use it as a setting spray after you apply your makeup but I have also been using it for extra hydration before I go to bed. I give this facial spray two thumbs up so far! 

Hair Ties | These hair ties are life changing! I know that sounds kind of silly because I am referring to something that ties your hair back but really, they are great! They don't pull your hair out or leave a crease in your hair when you take your hair down. These are also really great for thick hair. They securely hold my hair in a ponytail or a bun! If they get stretched out, you can regain their shape by putting them in mug of hot water. These are a must have hair product!

Under Eye Treatment | I ordered this last week when it was half price and I absolutely love it! You can literally feel it working! Seven years of motherhood has given me puffiness under my eyes and this product noticeably reduces it within minutes of putting it on!

Powder Foundation | I have been using this powder for over a year and I still love it. I discovered it from an Influenster box and have continued to purchase it. I use a layer of it on top of my BB Cream and it leaves my skin looking flawless. Such a great product and a great price!

Mascara | I reviewed this mascara at the beginning of the summer and it's the only one I use now. Products that you go have to change out often (like mascara), I don't like to spend a ton of money on so I am so excited that I love this affordable option. I do feel like I have to replace this mascara more often than the similar Too Faced product but it's a fraction of the price so I don't mind. Read more of my review here.

BB Cream | I have also reviewed this BB Cream before in this post and I am still absolutely loving it! It evens out my skin tone and makes my sun spots magically disappear. Magic in a tube and it's under $10. For fall and winter, I go a shade lighter. I recently switched over to the shade fair and remember, a little goes a long way with this product!

Micellar Water | I recently switched to this product after using makeup remover wipes for years. I read so many good reviews about it so I decided to give it a try. Now I'm hooked! It's easily removes all of your makeup, even waterproof mascara in a few swipes. I love it!

Eyeliner | I have been using this eyeliner literally for over ten years. When I was in college, I started experimenting with eyeliner and I have been using the same one ever since. I usually wear the black onyx color. Also another great beauty product that's budget friendly.

Nail Color | I bought a bottle of this polish randomly and now it's my go-to! Two coats (with one clear top coat) lasts me for over a week! It's a great affordable, gel polish.

Eyebrow Pencil | I have just recently started using an eyebrow pencil so I bought several different ones to try out. This one is by far my favorite! The pencil is angled so it applies easily plus it comes with a blending brush to get the perfect look. I use the soft brown shade.

Lip Exfoliator | This is another random beauty buy because I had never used any kind of lip exfoliator before but I was intrigued by the idea. I mean, who doesn't want smoother lips!? I love the sweet cheery flavor and it definitely leaves your lips so soft!

Highlighter | I love giving drugstore finds a try before splurging. I am loving this highlighter after using it for over a month. I use it on my brow bone, eye lids, cheeks, nose, and chin.

Eye Shadow | I don't splurge on many items, especially ones that I go through quickly or need to replace often. However, I do splurge on eye shadow palettes because they seem to last forever. This is my all time favorite palette and definitely worth splurging on!

Cream Lip Stain | I discovered this product from a sample that Sephora sent me in the mail. I've worn it several times in my Instagram stories and I always get asked what color I'm wearing. The color is called Pink Tea and it looks fairly brown in the container but the color when it's applied is the prettiest neutral. It also lasts all day! 

Shampoo | This shampoo is definitely a big splurge for me. I typically would never spend nearly $30 on a shampoo but I needed a better product for my color treated hair. Many people recommended this product so I picked up a sample size bottle at Ulta to give it a try. It's honestly worth the price tag! I have been able to go 2-3 between washes now when I only could only go a day before. My hair looks and feels so much healthier!

Hair Brush | I have a super sensitive scalp so this is the only hair brush I can use plus it's so great for little girl hair. Definitely a must have!

Thank you so much for stopping by! Have a great day, y'all!


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