Friday, November 18, 2016

Sunsparrow Shirts

Happy Friday, friends! Today, I am styling two adorable t-shirts from Sunsparrow Shirts! They specialize in bringing their customers comfy tees with style and wit. I am always pinning witty shirts on Pinterest because I love graphic tees so much. Why not make others smile while being comfortable (and stylish)?! 

sunsparrow shirts, graphic tees, mom style

Sunsparrow sent me two adorable shirts to style for y'all and I love them both! First up is the "RIP My Sleep Schedule" shirt and this is basically the best shirt ever to give a new mom! Hello, baby shower gift. When I became a mom, I had no clue how much my sleep schedule would be interrupted and it was truly the hardest part about becoming a mother. I love my sleep! I am happy to share that now that my kids are six and four, I get more sleep than I did a few years ago but my six year old is such an early bird. She still hasn't figured out that Saturdays are for sleeping in!

sunsparrow shirts, graphic tees, mom style

They also sent me the "Donut Worry" shirt and I love it so much! I had seen a graphic with this saying on it before and Instagrammed it right away because I thought it was so cute. If I'm being super honest, I have struggled with anxiety over the years. I especially had a hard time with it when I was a student in college. Thankfully, it's not as much of an issue for me now (even though I do have my moments) but I love this tee because it's a good reminder not to worry. God's got this and we just have to trust in Him. Who doesn't love that reminder?!

sunsparrow shirts, graphic tees, mom style

For size reference, I am wearing a size medium in both of these tees. Oh and I can't forget to mention these super soft shirts are only $22! Such a great deal for a great quality product! Have a great weekend, y'all!

sunsparrow shirts, graphic tees, mom style


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  1. I love those graphic tees! They are perfect for casual everyday wear.

    xo, Nataly