Friday, April 29, 2016

Mother's Day Gift Guide

How do you select the perfect gift for your mom for Mother's Day? By considering her lifestyle and her hobbies, you can choose the Mother's Day gifts she'll truly love and use every day.

So, what type of mom do you have?

The Working Mom
She works and she plays, but she always has time for her family. Your mom is a busy woman. With meetings and errands and kids, her days have to be planned well. Gifts that help her stay organized and happy during the day will save her time and keep her stress-free. Laptops, PDAs, cell phones, designer handbags, spa gift baskets, and digital picture frames are all great choices for the working mom.

The Domestic Mom
She's been there for you every step of the way, and she probably made your bed for you more than you let on. Give your stay-at-home mom something she'll use. It can make cleaning easier, give her a moment to relax, or remind her of fun family time. Choose from luxury bedding, stainless steel appliances, and state-of-the-art cookware.

The Stylish Mom
She stays up with fashion, and you can bet you were a well-dressed kid. Whether she stays at home or has joined the workforce, this mom looks fantastic. If you want to wow Mom with the perfect gifts, find her anything designer. Designer jewelry is always a good choice for stylish moms. Designer handbags, shoes, and sunglasses will also delight her. Matching accessories, like belts and scarves, will show your mom how much you know about her style. Remember that stylish moms also have stylish homes, so if you're still unsure of what to get your cute mom, look at her home for inspiration.

The Natural Mom
She loves nature and respects the environment. She loves to relax and treasures unique gifts that are as individual as she is; give this natural mom handcrafted gifts with a card you made yourself. Organic cotton clothing, yoga and meditation gear, tea pots, handcrafted handbags, and potted plants will impress your eco-friendly mom.

The Crafty Mom
Crafty moms love hands-on fun, whether they are creating handmade cards or adding to children's scrapbooks. These moms will love and use any Mother's Day gift that will help them make or organize their crafts. Consider giving her a new sewing machine, a work table, craft organizing containers, art supplies, quilting and sewing books, or beading and jeweler's tools.

The Sports Mom
Mom loves a good game, and often she'd rather be playing than watching. For sporty moms like this, find Mother's Day gifts that reflect her favorite teams, sports, and players, even if Little League is her favorite. Sports equipment is a great choice, as are MP3 players and exercise equipment.

The Gardening Mom
Gardening moms are unique women; they love to play in the dirt and watch things grow. Help them cultivate this pastime with great Mother's Day gifts that honor them and their hobby. They'll love gardening gifts and live plants. Choose from gardening tool belts, gardening aprons, stools, flower baskets, watering cans, flower jewelry, wide-brimmed hats, and patio furniture.

The Pet-Loving Mom
She loves pets and she loves you; pet-loving moms have a lot of love to give. Give her some in return with pet-themed Mother's Day gifts chosen just for her. Look for pet carriers, pet-themed picture frames, pet supplies, pet-friendly plants, and animal print home accessories.

The Adventure-Seeking Mom
Mom loves to see the world. Help her discover new places with adventurous gifts, such as high-quality luggage, camping equipment, GPS navigation, comfortable travel clothes, world maps, travel books, and weekend getaways.

The New Mom
Motherhood is just beginning for this new mother, and she doesn't want to miss a thing. Help her capture every moment with a digital camera or help her celebrate with birthstone jewelry and motherhood pendants. Surprise a new mom with a rocking chair, a spa gift basket, a luxurious bathrobe, and photo albums. She's busy with a baby, so give her a day off. Whip up some "day-off" coupons to add to your gift.

I've also rounded up some gift ideas that I think any mom would love to have (all under $50 + free shipping)! Don't wait to get mom something special. Mother's Day is May 8!

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mug | towel | earrings | candle

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