Thursday, April 14, 2016

Affordable Sunnies

There are some items that I will splurge on but sunglasses aren't one of them! Pretty much every single pair of sunglasses that I have ever owned have gotten crushed, scratched, stolen, lost, or broken. Every single pair of them, no matter how much money I spent on them or how hard I've tried to take care of them. I'm hard on my sunglasses! So today, I've sharing eight pairs of affordable sunnies that will protect your eyes AND your bank account! They are all $12 + free shipping and they look way more expensive than they are. I love them all!

 I personally own this pair of sunglasses and they are great quality for the price and they are so cute! They are hands down my favorite pair and are the perfect size for my face. Not too big and not too small.

affordable sunglasses, sunnies, spring style

Which pair is your favorite?!


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