Tuesday, September 17, 2013

family: SC in September

We had the exciting opportunity to go to South Carolina and stay at a beach house in Folly Beach for my best friend's wedding! We helped plan, decorate, and enjoyed the beautiful scenery! Julianna was the flower girl. She was super excited about her job until it was time to do it! She froze up, hid behind mommy (I was also in the wedding), and I ended up holding her. Then she discovered that she never threw her flowers so she threw her flowers towards the bride and on the beach after the ceremony began. Of course, she wouldn't just let me hold her. She wanted to get down and explore in the sand and by the rocks on the beach. And her flower girl craziness wouldn't be complete without exposing her princess panties to the whole beach while she bent over to pick up shells. But it was a gorgeous wedding! Everything was great and the weather was so perfect. We had such a great time!
Congratulations, Brittney and Gabe!

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