Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Julianna: first day of preschool

Julianna is officially attending preschool! She had her first day on September 4 and has been so excited for this new adventure. Since I only work part-time currently, I had planned to work with her at home and essentially do homeschool pre-schooling. Well, when people say that your children will listen to other people better than you, I believe that. Give me a room full of 22 third graders and I can teach them anything. Give me my own 3 year old and nothing will get accomplished. Julianna needs structure that preschool provides as well as the socialization with other children her age. So far she is doing really well and learning so much. She looks forward to going 3 mornings a week. And I'm so happy that this has been a good transition for her after just being at home with mommy for over a year!

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