Tuesday, December 20, 2011

sick day

I got a call at work yesterday that my sweet Julianna was running a temperature of 102. I raced out of work to pick her up from daycare and took her to the doctor.

She currently weighs 23 pounds and is 33 inches tall. I was thinking she may have an ear infection since she got so many last winter but it ended up being strep throat. We immediately went to Wal-Mart to pick up her perscription, popcicles, and jello. Poor thing threw up all over the place- probably the 2nd time she's ever thrown up (besides the frequent spit up as an infant).

We went straight home, cuddled, and she drank a whole cup of juice. Josh and I had to do some teamwork to get her to take her medicine. About 15 minutes after she took it, we noticed that she had a red rash around her mouth. Immediately I assumed it was an allergic reaction to her medicine because the only other thing she had was apple juice- which she has all of the time. It was scary! We called the physician on call and they told us to give her Benedryl. Josh was gone about 20 minutes buying the Benedryl and by the time he got back, the rash around her was completely gone. I have no idea what it actually was but we gave her the Benedryl just in case. Poor thing was so exhausted- put her to bed at 7pm and Josh got her up at 7:30am this morning. The rest did her good because she's back to her old self today- complete change from yesterday! Temperature is normal and she's eating again. I am so thankful that she got better so fast!

Josh spent the day at home with her. Check out the fun hair design that he created for Julianna today:

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