Monday, August 1, 2011

thrifty: fun shoes and great finds

Did yall know I'm a thrift store junkie? I seriously can't get enough of thrift store shopping. The majority of my wardrobe, as well as Josh and Julianna's is from thrift/consignment stores. If I buy something in a "normal" store, it has to be at least 75% off and we rarely splurge on any items. We're thrifty and it's fun. I have no shame in wear 2nd hand clothes or shoes, that's what washing machines are for. I often find brand-new or hardly used items. So chances are if you like my outfit, it's been thrifted.

So my little family went out yesterday to check out a new thrift store that we haven't been to yet and our old favorite one. We spent $71 but got: 1 pair of shoes for me, 2 tops for me, 1 dress for me, 1 sweater for me, 3 dress shirts for Josh, 3 pairs of dress pants for Josh, 1 pair of work out pants for Josh, 6 shirts for Julianna, 1 bathing suit coverup for Julianna, 3 pairs of pj's for Julianna, 1 complete outfit for Julianna, and 1 dress for Julianna. One of the shirts for Josh was brand-new with tags, Chaps brand and my sweater was a cute black cardigan from Talbot's with tags. I'd say we got our monies worth!

Here are the fabulous Liz Claiborne flats I got for 4 dollars:

Now that you all know how stinkin' thrifty we are... I plan to start posting pictures of our thrifted outfits and other awesome finds! :)

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  1. Good finds Emily-I'm proud of you!! And 'yes' to outfit posts!