Saturday, August 20, 2011

thrifty: back to work outfits

This week, I officially went back to work for the 2011-2012 school year. Technically, I've been back to work since August 1 for meetings and professional development but this was the first official week of teacher workdays. I'm super excited about school starting! I have soooo many fun ideas and I can't wait to meet my students! So in light of school starting, I have a few outfits to share... Monday was a t-shirt day to work in my classroom and Friday we wore our staff shirts (which are super cool, by the way) so there wasn't much thrifty-ness to show off.

And here are the outfits. Remember jewelry/watches aren't including in the jewelry total because I have no idea how much I paid for them and a lot of my jewelry was gifted to me.

Top: Charlotte Russe (I've had this top for years!), $8.00
Skirt: thrift store find, $5.00
Watch: New York & Company
Bracelet: gift
Shoes: Target, $13.00
Outfit Total: $26.00

Top: thrift store find, $3.00
Capris: thrift store find, $5.00 (Talbots)
Watch: New York & Company
Shoes: thrift store find, $4.00 
(I didn't actually end up wearing these shoes to work but I do love them!) 
Outfit Total: $12.00

Top(s): yellow, thrift store find, $2.00 (BCBG), red, $4.00 (Old Navy)
Capris: thrift store find, $5.00 (New Directions)
Shoes (not pictured): Target, $13.00
Watch: Kenneth Cole
Outfit Total: $24.00

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