Tuesday, December 28, 2010

37 weeks old

Julianna is 37 weeks old which means that she's been out of my tummy as long as she was in it. 37 weeks ago, I was so thrilled to be a mom. 37 weeks ago, I had no idea how hard or how fun it was going to be. While you're pregnant, you really don't have any clue (unless you've had a child before) what all is really involved in giving birth to and raising a baby. I'll fully admit that I was clueless! I really thought I knew while I was pregnant, but I didn't. When people tell you that you're life is going to change completely, that is the honest truth. My life is completely different. Every little thing about my life has changed for the most part. My daily routines are based on hers... something has simple as a shower must be scheduled in to make sure it happens. Even with the numerous ways my life has changed, I can say that it has changed for the better! Life isn't just about Emily anymore, or even Emily and Josh--it's about us: a family of three.

Julianna is 9 months, 1 week, and 4 days old today. I had Julianna when I was 9 months, 1 week, and 4 days pregnant. I had so much left to do in preparation for her birth. Honestly, I don't think I would have ever been truly "ready" for it to happen. God had a plan and it was my job to follow it. She's here now, 37 weeks and 4 days later: happy, healthy, and growing like crazy!

Just in the past few days, she's learned how to not get "stuck" in a position. She can go from back, to belly, to sitting in about 3 seconds. She's so proud of this... she does it over and over to show mommy. She's still trying so hard to pull up on her own but hasn't quite gotten it yet. She can open drawers now which make me realize that I need to get this house baby proofed (or as much as possible) asap. She also says her own version of dog which is a "duu". We sat in front of the dog kennels tonight and she kept saying duu, duu, duu. She loves dogs!

Our house has also changed. It's a baby zone for sure... everywhere!
Here I am 37 weeks pregnant... the night before I had Julianna.
Julianna, on her birthday.
And Julianna on Sunday:

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