Monday, April 12, 2010

all about us... the soto's :)

i have some time to update because miss julianna is down for a nap. we'll see how long that lasts! she's not a big fan of sleeping in her bassinet but she's been doing better the last few days. speaking of things she doesn't like... julianna doesn't like:

-bath time...well, she's okay until it's time to get dressed. even with a robe and a towel she screams. she just shivers. josh refuses to give her a bath. he won't do it because the first time we tried it was a disaster. she was screaming at the top of her lungs and josh was convinced that he was hurting her. so mommy gives the baths now. i think i just need to put a heater close to us when we're dressing. maybe that will help.

-diaper/clothing changes... she wiggles so much! those sleepers with all of the buttons drive me crazy myself... especially at 3am! i love the zippers!

-slow parents... she gets extremely fussy if josh or i take too long to get her bottle ready. i guess that's probably something most parents deal with... an impatient baby!
but julianna LOVES:

-falling asleep on our chest. after she's burped, she always falls asleep.
-riding in the car. she is the most calm and peaceful when we're driving down a bumpy road.

-being held and cuddled.

-going outside and to soak up the sunshine.

we sent out her birth announcements friday. i included the picture of her laying by the window enjoying the sunshine. she loved the warmth of the sun! i need to make a few more announcements so that i can send them to family/friends that i didn't have an address for. my grandmother is in the hospital and i wasn't sure where to send to but i'm sure she'd love to see what her great grand daughter looks like.

we've been taking julianna out and about more often now. we're getting used to getting everything ready for her. except today i completely lost my mind and left the house without the diaper bag and had to come back home for it. julianna went to see her daddy at work today. we brought him lunch right before he had to leave to catch his plane. he's in denver, colorado for the week. i wish he was here with us!

we were super productive around the house yesterday. we got all of our spring cleaning done. the biggest task was the garage and josh did a great job. both of our cars will fit in there again. woo hoo!

julianna will be one month old on wednesday... time is already flying!

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