Tuesday, February 2, 2010

31 weeks and 3 days - doctor's appointment

The weather is still yucky! We didn't have school yesterday but today (and tomorrow) are teacher workdays with a 2-hour delay. It rained and rained all day today plus the temperature hasn't gotten above 35 degrees. They're also calling for more winter weather later in the week! Craziness! A lot of teachers I work with keep complaining about losing Spring Break but this year it doesn't bother me because I will be out on maternity leave right before Spring Break. My last day is April first (unless Julianna comes sooner).

This afternoon I had to go to the doctor and since the weather wasn't too good, Charity rode with me. My weight went up about 2 pounds since my last visit, my blood pressure was 110/70, baby's heartbeat is 140, and I'm measuring at 32 weeks--so that puts me a week ahead. So even though I may look "small" to many people, my baby girl is actually right on track. That's always a good thing to learn! Charity got to hear little Julianna's heartbeat too... so she got to really experience a prenatal doctor's visit.

My next appointment will be February 15 and I'll be 33 weeks at that appointment. We're getting so close!

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