Friday, November 20, 2009

finding out that I was expecting (4 weeks)

Josh and I had been "trying" since February 2009, when I stopped taking my birth control. We weren't really expecting to get pregnant right away so we thought we'd just give it a shot. Exactly one month after our first wedding anniversarym, July 28, I gave into my suspicions and took a pregnancy test. I knew that I just felt different.

The first two tests I took, we cheap Dollar Store tests. I saw two faint pink lines. But I didn't trust them because I thought they were just... cheap. So I went and paid the money for a digital pregnancy test. At work, I took the test and it definitely said pregnant. So that night, when Josh came home from work, I took the other digital test:

As you can see, digital test #2 showed that I was pregnant. Just to be 100% sure, I went to the doctor two days later. To my surprise, the doctor uses the identical tests that they sell at the Dollar Store! She confirmed for me once again.... yes, I am pregnant! I guess it took five tests for me to actually believe that it was true.

Josh and I were VERY excited! We called our family to let them know. There was no way I could wait to tell everyone. And if something did go wrong, at least we would have the support of our families to get us through it.

So this is where my pregnancy journey begins...

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