Wednesday, November 25, 2009

21 weeks and 4 days

Sleeping past 3:30am isn't something I enjoy anymore. I'm always wide awake by then regardless of how tired I am or how long I've slept. So during the week, I am soooo slugglish because I get incredibly tired mid-morning. Thankfully, on the weekends I can enjoy a much needed nap. So that's what I'm looking forward to today-- a mid-morning nap that I would normally not get to enjoy on a Wednesday!

I just made myself a yummy breakfast of fruits: (maybe being hungry has something to do with waking up so early?! but I did have a bowl of cereal at 11pm last night)
Since there is no school until Monday (YAY!), I plan on being productive around the house today. We are going to South Carolina tomorrow evening after we have a Thankgiving dinner with my parents. We'll be visiting Josh's dad, stepmom, and his sister. We haven't seen them in a few months so it will be nice to get together. While we are down there, I'll also be having some maternity pictures taken. Josh's sister has a friend who is a photographer so he will be taking the pictures. I'm excited but I just wish my baby belly was a little bit bigger now. But that's okay!

So the agenda for today is: completing school work (yes, even on my day off), laundry, errands, packing for the trip and the photo shoot, and of course, my nap!!!

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