Thursday, June 18, 2020

Ocean Isle Beach Packing List

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Hey y'all! This week's weather has really made it hard to get excited about our beach trip... I guess because it doesn't feel like summer when it's chilly outside. But, the weather is improving and no matter what, I'm going to enjoy a much needed vacation! We will be headed to Ocean Isle Beach for a week of relaxation. We don't have any big plans for our trip besides getting outside, enjoying the beach, and picking up takeout from all of our favorite beach restaurants. I am really looking forward to seeing the ocean. It's my happy place and I've missed the beach so much! 

Today, I'm going to be sharing my Ocean Isle Beach packing list, which will obviously not be every single thing that I'm actually packing. This list is some of my new purchases and must haves for this beach trip, you know the fun stuff. Honestly, packing is my very least favorite part of traveling. I'm an over-packer and I am always worried about forgetting something. One thing that has definitely been easier this time around is that my kids can pack their own suitcases! Y'all. This is a game changer. Part of my packing stress has always been packing for all four of us (yes, I still pack for my husband because he's terrible at it, lol). But, now my ten year old and eight year old can pack their own stuff! I gave them each a general list of what they needed to pack and they totally did it themselves in about 30 minutes. I feel like I just leveled up in motherhood! Haha!

Okay, now on my packing list...

beach packing list, ocean isle beach, summer style, nc blogger, north carolina blogger,

My kids totally made fun of me when I tried this on, lol. But, I don't care. It's a genius solution! I always get frustrated at the beach or pool because I want to wear my hair up in a bun but then I can't wear my straw hat. Well, hello bun friendly hat situation. I'm proudly going to be rocking this at the beach! I'm so excited about it!

Are you looking for a great, affordable, mom friendly swimsuit?! Well, I've absolutely found it. I originally purchased the black and loved it so much that I ordered the leopard print one while I was at the pool. The booty is a flattering full coverage, which I feel like is nearly impossible to find in a swimsuit right now. This is such a great swimsuit! I ordered my normal swimsuit size and it's the perfect fit. I'll be living in these suits!

This vacation is going to be a much needed week of relaxation, which means I need less screen time. I have lots of non-fiction books at home that I haven't read yet but honestly, I just didn't want to read anything like that at the beach. I wanted something fiction so I picked up this book. I know I'm late to the party but when I searched for great fiction books, this one was one of the first options that came up. I'm really excited to read it! It will be the first first fiction book I've read in... years.

So, while I'm on the beach wearing my visor hat, wearing my one piece swimsuit, reading a book, I need a cold drink, right?! This Brumate is another ingenious invention that I just had to have for my sparkling waters of all kinds. No one wants a hot drink on the beach!

These are $50 flip flops and I know that seems really ridiculous to spend that much on flip flops. I get it but I've had this same pair for over three years and they are still going strong. I can't say the same thing for my five dollar pair. Those are long gone. I'm certain I can get a couple more seasons out of this pair of fancy flip flops!

I shared, maybe last week, about investing in quality items. Above is a great example of my flip flops that have lasted forever. These sunglasses are also an investment but I've owned them over a year (that's a real record for me) and they are the only pair I wear. I love the classic style! I have actually taken great care of them and even keep them in a case. I'm pretty proud that I haven't lost or broken them in the past year!

M A K E U P 
I don't really wear much makeup at the beach, if any at all. But, these are the items that I plan to take with me. A tinted sunscreen powder (I also brush this onto my girls' faces), my go-to mascara, a new budget friendly concealer, and my all-time favorite lip gloss is all I need!

S T R A W  T O T E
I bought this straw tote last summer and it's still one of my favorite bags to carry, especially on vacation. It holds so much without being a bulky bag. I love tying a bandana or scarf onto it to add a little pop of color. A great summer bag!

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you have a great day!

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