Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Instagram Roundup

Hey there! It's Wednesday so it's time for my weekly Instagram Roundup of outfits that I wore last week. But first, I'm going to share how I take my outfit selfies (specifically the non-mirror ones) because that is a question that I get asked very often over on Instagram. I actually didn't take many of those kind of photos this past week because it was too dark or too rainy when I needed to snap a photo of my outfit but I do prefer to take them because it really shows off the details of an outfit the best.

So here's my tips for getting the best outfit selfie...

1. Natural lighting. First thing in the morning after the sun rises (on a non-cloudy) day when there's a good amount of light and when it's not too harsh or in the evening about an hour before the sun goes down. If I can't get a good picture in natural lighting, I typically opt for the mirror selfie.

2. Use the front facing camera on your phone. I used to try to take outfit pictures with just the regular camera and I would have to take 100+ pictures to get one that wasn't terrible. When you use the front facing camera, it's so much easier to see if you've gotten your whole outfit into the frame.

3. Download Pic Tap Go. I think it's a couple of dollars but it's my favorite photo editing app that you can use for outfit selfies or to make any other photo look better. I typically use the Faux Fi filter or the Brightside filter to enhance my photos.

Have a great day, everyone!

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