Friday, September 23, 2016

Beauty Bag

Happy Friday! Today, I'm going to be chatting about what's inside of my beauty bag. I typically just share style inspiration here on the blog but I wanted to share some products that I love and use on a daily basis!

Maybelline Better Skin Powder | I actually just recently discovered this product in one of my Influenster boxes. I received it free to try and fell in love with it! Before this product, I would use a liquid foundation and a powder but this product takes the place of both of them. It's a smooth powder that covers as well as a foundation and powder combined! I have definitely noticed that my skin looks smoother since using it.

Naked Lip Gloss | I love the idea of lipstick but I typically just stick to using lip gloss. I have been using this particular one for years and I love it! It's long lasting and conditions my lips.

Maybelline Clear Mascara | So I have two different mascaras in my beauty bag but I don't use them both on my eyelashes. This clear mascara is for my brows. I have thick, dark eyebrows that tend to get a little unruly unless tamed. I use a thin coat of this mascara on my brows when I apply my makeup to keep them in place all day!

Cover Girl Eyeliner | I have literally used this exact product for the past ten years! When I was in college, I wanted to change up my look so one day I bought this eyeliner to try. Now I can't go without it! When my youngest daughter sees me without any makeup on she always tells me, "you need to put your eyes on, Mommy!" I've tried other eyeliners but this one is the best and the price is amazing.

Naked Palette | My husband purchased this palette for me for Christmas two years ago and he was in price shock because it's eye shadow and it is kind of expensive. But it is amazing and worth investing in! I own the original palette and the colors are seriously gorgeous! The eye shadow stays put all day long without using any type of primer beforehand. And like I said, I've had it for almost two years and I still haven't used it up. It lasts for so long and I use this product everyday.

Up & Up Cleansing Facial Wipes | I'm a tired, busy mom so anything that makes life easier at the end of the day is a must-have for me. I have tried so many makeup remover wipes and these are the best plus they are less than four dollars! I have super sensitive eyes and these don't irritate my eyes or skin at all, even for removing my eye makeup (eyeliner, shadow, and mascara). 

Elf Blush and Bronzer | This combo is another one of my recent finds. I love the natural glow that this bronzer and blush gives you. This is another budget friendly find at around three dollars!

Rimmel Mascara | When it comes to mascara, I kind of love trying all of them. I love mascara! This is the one that I am currently using and I love it. Gives my lashes volume and lift.

Tula Discovery Kit | I am currently using this skincare kit that I won from a giveaway on Instagram. Now that I am in my thirties, skincare is super important to me. I am loving all of the products in this kit and how my skin feels!

What are your must-have beauty products?

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  1. The naked palette is my favorite! I will have to try that powder. I use the concealer and love it!