Thursday, June 23, 2016

Disney Prep

Since I can remember, I always imagined what it would be like to take your kids to Disney World. Now that I have two little girls, I am beyond excited to see their faces when we get there. Both of my daughters love everything Disney- the princesses, the magic, and the excitement. I feel like they are at the perfect ages (six and four) to truly enjoy how magical Disney World really is! We will be going to Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Animal Kingdom during our trip. Our day in Magic Kingdom will also be my eighth wedding anniversary with my husband! That night we will be dining at Be Our Guest to celebrate. I cannot wait! We will also get to ride the brand new Frozen ride in Epcot so I anticipate that it will be a big highlight for the girls since they are Elsa and Anna obsessed. 

This week, I have been busy planning outfits, finalizing plans, and packing suitcases. I have also been super busy keeping the girls entertained, working from home, and trying to tie up loose ends that I've been putting off... oh and doing laundry because that never ends. 

I'll be sharing our exact outfits for the days in the park next week. When I say "our" I mean the girls and me. My husband would just prefer to wear Under Amour, all day and everyday. But today, I'm sharing some of my essentials for our Disney trip. Cute tees from Mouse Apparel, simple accessories, comfy shoes and shorts, mouse ears, sunscreen, and a backpack. I went to Disney World when I was about 12 and Disney Land when I was 20 so it's been awhile (10 years) since I've been to either park. So are there any other items that I must take with me?! I'd love to hear any tips y'all have!

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