Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Beach Essentials

Today is extra cloudy and kind of chilly for the month of May so it has me dreaming of sunny, warm beach days even more! We will be headed to the beach for our first trip of the summer during Memorial Day weekend and I am definitely counting down the days until our little vacay. I'm looking forward to some much needed fun and relaxation!

To prepare for our trip, I have created a list of eight of my beach essentials. I own some of these items and some of them are on my wish list for summertime. A Turkish towel can be used as a picnic blanket, tablecloth, or just to simply dry off. I really want to try one of them out! A straw hat is a must for a day at the beach to protect your face from the sun.  A water bottle that keeps your drink cold is essential. I have to stay hydrated when I'm on the beach all day with my family. You also need a new cute suit and I love this one from Old Navy. The print and style of the top is too cute! A cover up that looks like a dress so that you can stop at your favorite spot for lunch and not worry about being in your swimsuit. A set of towel clips to keep your towel securely on your chair. Who doesn't get annoyed about your towel falling down on your chair?! These cute flamingo clips fix that problem for only six dollars. A bottle of sunscreen. Be sure to protect your skin and reapply often. This brand smells amazing and doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy. A beach bag to store all your beach gear or carry as a purse. This bag is at the top of my summertime wish list! 

What are your beach essentials?!

towel | hat | bottle | swimsuit
cover up | clips | sunscreen | beach bag


  1. Cute picks! I've been eyeing this swimsuit for a few weeks now!

  2. Ooh I love that bikini!! So cute!