Friday, March 6, 2015

review: truself organics

TruSelf Organics sent me their Detox Mask Kit to share, try, and review. I was so excited for this product review because I love doing facial masks. I have super sensitive skin so I was also thrilled to try an organic formula. If it isn't all natural, then my skin usually gets really irritated from a facial mask. 

As always when trying a new product for my skin, I check the label. And just like their website says, there isn't any "bad stuff" in it. All natural ingredients. The detoxifying mask comes in a powdery form and you mix it with the detox solution {purified water, organic apple cider vinegar, epsom salt}.

The mask and detox solution start bubbling up when you mix it together- which means it's working! It smelled a little weird but that's because vinegar just doesn't smell good. I can handle the smell when I know that I'm putting natural ingredients on my face. I applied a thin layer and within minutes it dried. I left the mask on for about 25 minutes then rinsed it off with warm water. My face immediately felt so smooth and clean. Immediate results! And for my fellow sensitive skinned girls {and guys} out there, I had no irritation from this mask. Two days later, my skin still feels so smooth. I'm a fan!

{I received this product free from TruSelf Organics. All of the opinions are mine unless otherwise stated.}

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