Tuesday, July 15, 2014

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Life has been anything but glamorous around here. On our way to the beach two weeks ago, we hit a piece of steel in the road and it popped our tire. We replaced the tire and thought we were good to go but apparently there was more damage down. The steel also hit the cooling line of my car and caused it to burst. It's been leaking antifreeze for two weeks. Yesterday, I got the girls in the car and we were heading down the road when I noticed the temperature of my car increasing rapidly and in my rear view mirror, I could see fluid come out of the back of my car. Scary. I immediately turned the car around, pulled in the driveway, noticed the fluid was literally spewing out of the back, got the girls out of the car, and in the house as quickly as possible. I called AAA and had the car towed to the Dodge dealership. Approximately $900 worth of repairs need to be done to fix the damage. Not fun and I'm without a car for a few more days. Just thankful that through this whole ordeal we were safe and kept out of harms way. I prayed the entire drive back home yesterday for safety and God protected us.  

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 // sandals {similar} // bracelets {similar} // necklace //

My mom came over to watch the girls this afternoon and let me borrow her car to run a few errands around town. I am so used to being on the go that two days at home was seriously getting to me. Yay for an hour of freedom, even if it was in the rain going to the bank and the post office.

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// sandals {similar} // necklace {similar}

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