Monday, April 21, 2014

beauty: mommyhood + Forever 21 finds

Mommy life isn't always glamorous and today was an example of that. I had a $6 gift on the Wrapp app for H&M. Since I was close to the mall running errands this morning, I decided to go ahead and use it. I got two items there for less than $5 and then we were headed to Forever 21. We had to go down the escalator to get there and this isn't usually a problem for Julianna. I was holding Olivia when Julianna stepped on. As soon as she stepped on, she tripped and fell down. Such a scary mommy moment. She cut her knee but otherwise was thankfully ok. We headed to the security office because I figured they had a first aid kit available. We got her all cleaned up and then went to Forever 21. All was well in there until I had to sit Olivia down to get my wallet out. In a matter of 3 seconds, she opens up a bottle of neon orange nail polish and makes an artistic mess. The good news is Julianna is ok and Olivia is now a nice shade of orange. Oh and I did make it out of there with some new pretty things. I got the makeup bag to organize my purse. Yesterday at church I realized I didn't have any sort of compact or brush in my purse so I fixed that today, too. 

Oh mommyhood, you weren't glamorous today but these pretty things sure are. Happy Monday!

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