Thursday, August 22, 2013

thrifty: this week at Goodwill

I stop by Goodwill once a week. I generally have something in mind that I'm looking for. Today I needed a pair of jeans so that was my goal. I lucked out and found a pair that fit perfectly! One of my secrets is to ignore sizes and try things on. I just looked for style and wash of the jeans. Found 3 pairs all completely different sizes and only one of them worked for me. You've got to try things on or you'll leave with something that might work and you may be wasting your money, even if it was inexpensive. I don't like to waste money!

I always browse the children's clothing too. I only look for Julianna's current size or the next size up. I never look for Olivia's size right now because she wears all of Julianna's hand me downs. Almost all of their clothing is thrifted unless it was a gift. Kids grow so fast and are rough on clothes so I don't pay full price. There's really no reason to thanks to thrift stores. Today I found 4 dresses from Target, Crazy 8, and Janie and Jack. 

I also look in the home goods section every time for a DIY project. Today I found these pieces of silver for 99 cents! I can't wait to polish them and use them for jewelry storage on my dresser.

I was at the register and spotted these red wedges. They are brand new and can still be found in Target stores. My size! So they came home with me too. 

A successful day of thrifting!

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  1. Emily, how do you find a good quality thrift store? Do you go to a "wealthier" city or town? I'm having a really hard time finding ANY worth my time in my area.