Tuesday, August 20, 2013

thrifty: jewelry

I've always had a love for jewelry. I like "real" pieces but I actually prefer costume jewelry. It costs less and you can really make a statement! Sometimes the quality isn't amazing but I've found some really good pieces for so cheap that I wear constantly. One of my favorite things to do is take a simple t-shirt and add a colorful statement necklace. You can dress up a $4 t-shirt with a statement necklace for a whole new look.

Here are a few of my favorite places to shop for costume jewelry on a budget:

This beaded rose necklace is inspired by J. Crew. I bought mine from http://luxecraving.com for about $15. It's such a gorgeous necklace and it definitely makes a statement. I dressed up a pink t-shirt for a bold new look.

The necklace in this picture is from http://groopdealz.com, which is one of my favorite places to get jewelry. You can get amazing deals on Groop Dealz! 

This necklace is my absolute favorite. It's also from Groop Dealz. The necklace dressed up my thrifted t-shirt very nicely!

This fabulous bracelet was $10 on Groop Dealz. It's even more beautiful in person! I love layering bracelets but this one can stand alone!

The link bracelet is from J. Crew Factory (http://jcrewfactory.com)- I scooped it up when it was on sale. Still a splurge for me at $20 but it's a great basic bracelet that I wear almost daily. The pink bracelet was about $4 on Groop Dealz.

I picked up this cute stack of bangles at Old Navy (http://oldnavy.com) for less than $10. Old Navy has a great selection of costume jewelry now!

This necklace is another J. Crew inspired piece. And it's so pretty! I had my eye on a necklace like this for awhile but I didn't want to pay a lot for it. I found this one for $9.95 at http://ourworldboutique.com and I got it in the mail 2 days later. Super fast shipping and great quality! I just ordered another necklace from there and I can't wait to get it.

This necklace is so unique and so pretty. It's from Sira and Mara (http://siramara.com) and also very fast shipping and good quality! I also own 2 other bracelets and 1 necklace from this site. Also, amazing customer service! I paired this necklace was a simple t-shirt too. As you can tell, I love dressing up simple outfits with fun jewelry!

And here is how I organize my necklaces and bracelets. More on these organizers later...

Happy Shopping!

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