Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Julianna: 3rd Birthday

This past weekend, we celebrated Julianna's 3rd birthday. I cannot believe our JuJu is already 3! She's turned into such a beautiful, smart, and spunky little girl and we are so proud of her.

We celebrated on Saturday with a Hello Kitty themed bounce party with our family and friends. Julianna had an amazing time playing and bouncing with her buddies- and daddy did too! We are so blessed to have such great people in our lives!

On Sunday (St. Patrick's Day and Julianna's actual birthday), we went to church in the morning and then headed to the Greensboro Children's Museum for a day of fun. All 4 of us had a blast playing at the museum. There was so much fun, interactice stuff for the kids to do! It was such a cool place to take the little ones!

We had such a great weekend celebrating our sweet Julianna Hope! Happy 3rd Birthday!

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