Friday, June 29, 2012

Anniversary Surprise Dinner

Yesterday, Josh and I celebrated 4 years of marriage. He's always been such a romantic guy. He loves doing special things and surprising me (yes- he is a keeper!). I'm not one who loves to be surprised though because I can't stand not knowing everything- I'm nosey like that. So I was a little difficult to deal with yesterday but he still pulled off a beautiful, romantic dinner for 2 + Livi. Livi and I met him at the park where we exchanged vows 4 years ago. He had a beautiful little table setup with dinner from my favorite restaurant as well as new wine glasses with our names and anniversary engraved (one of originals got broken) and a mini cake that was designed exactly like our wedding cake. He even arranged for our friend and the girl's godmother to take care of Julianna and put her to bed. It was so sweet and so thoughtful! What a wonderful way to celebrate our 4th anniversary! I can't wait for many more amazing years together!

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