Saturday, January 15, 2011

tummy yummy

Julianna has been really into trying "real" food this week! Due to the ice, I was out of work Monday through Wednesday so we had a lot time at home to really explore with food. Before now, she's been completely against the traditional baby finger foods: puffs or anything like it. She would act like she was choking/gagging. It was scary! But we are making excellent progress now! Sitting in the high chair is a happier time at the Soto house now.

She is eating pretty much what we are eating just much smaller. About the sit of her thumbnail right now. So far she's had:

-cheddar cheese
-rotisserie chicken
-green beans
-American cheese

Tonight she'll be trying vanilla pudding and strawberries. She's had strawberries in the form of baby food puree as well as pudding but she'll get to taste this food in all it's glory tonight!

One of Julianna's first big girl meals:

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