Friday, March 4, 2022

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Happy Friday! I hope you've had a great week! It's been another busy one and I'm definitely looking forward to the weekend. I'm hoping a visit to favorite local vineyard and maybe we will also build a second flower bed. Y'all, it's almost flower season and I can't wait! Flowers make me so happy and expanding my garden to give away even more flowers this season, makes me even happier.

Today, I'm sharing my weekly roundup of what I'm Currently Loving! My brain is fully on spring, which I'm sure you can tell by the selection of items in this week's post. We have finally had some gorgeous sunny, warm days here in North Carolina and even though it's not really here to stay, it's got me so excited for springtime! Also, everything in today's roundup is from Madewell because their spring arrivals are so good!

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Which of this week's picks is your favorite?!

1. N E C K L A C E | I just can't say no to a dainty gold necklace... especially when it has flowers on it! This is so cute and so me!

2. H A T | I bought this hat last spring and I wore it nonstop! It's a great neutral color that goes with everything. The perfect solution to beach or pool days, when you don't feel like fixing your hair, or on the days when your hair just isn't cooperating.

3. S H O R T S | I feel like jean shorts that I feel comfortable in are super hard to find. I personally like my jeans shorts to fit loosely in the thighs so I am excited to see more relaxed fit options this season. I definitely want to order a pair of these shorts to try out!

4. S W E A T E R | A warm weather sweater is always a favorite of mine. Madewell carried a super similar one last year that I missed but I'm adding this one to my wish list. I love the details! It's such a pretty piece to transition you into spring.

5. R I N G | I love a statement ring and this one is so unique! I love wearing statement rings on my right hand and this one needs a spot in my collection.

6. T O T E | A straw bag is my absolute favorite kind of bag to carry when it's warm outside. I love how the neutral color goes with everything and I also love the texture it adds to your look. This tote is no exception! I love the design!

7. E A R R I N G S | How gorgeous are these earrings?! I have to have these! My earring collection doesn't have anything like these in it and anything with flowers is a yes for me!

8. T E E | I don't always love graphic tees but I love this one. I love a fun, positive message on a graphic tee and I also love the colors of this one. Good days ahead!

Thank you so much for visiting! I hope you have a great weekend!

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