Friday, May 28, 2021

Currently Loving .230

Happy Friday! I hope you've had a great week! My girls are officially out of school for summer break and we couldn't be more excited. This year has been quite the rollercoaster! It has felt like the longest and shortest school year of all time. But, I'm super proud of how much my girls have grown this year. They have also taught me the power of being resilient and flexible!

Today, I'm sharing my weekly roundup of what I'm Currently Loving. Honestly, I have hardly purchased anything recently besides a couple of new dresses. I have just been living in dresses when I'm not at work. They are instant outfits and so comfortable to wear!

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Which of this week's picks is your favorite?!

1. T E E | I am loving this tee! Such a fun tee for spring and summer. I love the neutral colors!

2. E A R R I N G S | Seashells jewelry is my favorite during the summer! I am loving the dainty shell attached to this classic hoop earrings. So cute!

3. T A N K | Sweater tanks are one of my favorite things to wear during the spring and summer. This budget friendly one is only $20 and comes in two colors. I love pairing my sweater tanks with denim shorts and sandals for a put together (but comfy) summer style!

4. S C R U N C H I E | When I first got this srunchie in the mail, I couldn't believe how big it was and I totally didn't think I would use it. Well, I was wrong! I have worn it almost everyday since it arrived. It's perfect for wearing to bed or on a bun. I love it!

5. S U N G L A S S E S | I love my Ray Bans but I have been on the hunt for a cheaper pair of sunglasses to bring on vacation. I spotted this pair on Amazon and they have great reviews. They are also super budget friendly!

6. D R E S S | How gorgeous is this dress?! It's currently on my wish list! I love the polka dots, the pleats, and the pretty color.

7. B A G | This is another wish list item! This adorable bag is perfect for warm weather outfits. The crossbody strap also makes it super versatile!

8. S H O R T S | I've been shopping for longer denim shorts that are work appropriate and I loving this $20 pair that I recently found. They are high waisted with a 7-inch inseam.

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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