Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Hair and Beauty Bag .22

Hey y'all and Happy Wednesday! I have been meaning to do this post for awhile... since the last time I got my hair done. Today, I'm sharing my my latest cut and color plus what's on current rotation in my beauty bag. I get my hair colored every seven weeks or so because I've had some gray hair since I was 18. I'm not a fan of the gray hair but I do love the time I get to spend with my stylist! I really enjoy the hair coloring process and it's fun to add in my new colors every once in awhile. My hair is naturally pretty dark so I've decided to continue to embrace the dark hair. Dark hair is definitely here to stay but I do love adding in a few light pieces to break up the dark color. I feel the most like myself when my hair is dark. I've tried blonde (yes, you read that right) but it's just not me. I just get the ends trimmed because I am currently still letting it grow out plus my stylist adds in some layers.

My stylist curled it with a 1.25 inch curling iron. To achieve this style she used Kenra Dry Texture Spray and the Kenra Working Spray. They also smell so good on top of working so well! I wish Kahli could come to my house and style my hair for me every day so that it could look this good all of the time! She's the best! I have learned so much about styling my hair from her. My stylist is Kahli at Renew and she's been doing my hair for almost ten years! If you decide to let her work her magic on your hair, be sure to let her know that I sent you over!

You can also read more about my hair care routine and how I go four or more days without washing my hair in this blog post! I don't skip washes because I'm lazy (but that might be part of it haha), I skip washing because my hair is so much healthier and so much more manageable when I skip a few days between washes. I've also shared about a life changing hair brush in this blog post last year. It has been a game changer for my own hair but especially my oldest daughter! We are still using and loving that hairbrush. I own several of them!

But, before I move on to my beauty bag, I did want to talk wavy hair! At my hair appointment, was the first time since the last time Kahli did hair (seven weeks) since my hair had seen heat! I have used a blow dryer or curling iron at home since at least April. I have been letting my natural wavy hair do it's own thing and I have been experimenting with a method that works best for my hair. I tried to go the wavy route last August but my hair didn't feel touchable. It felt crunchy and I just didn't like it so I gave up on the wavy hair by fall. But, I have finally found a method that works for me! I am sure I will tweak it as time goes on and the weather changes but for now I am so happy with it! I'm going to dedicate a post just to my wavy hair routine but this curl defining jelly has been the game changer!

M Y  H A I R  C A R E  F A V O R I T E S

Now, on to my beauty bag! For the most part, my beauty routine has stayed the same because when I find what works, I keep doing it but I have changed up a couple of products. I feel like the most important part of my makeup routine is definitely skincare. When I started intentionally taking better care of my skin, my makeup starting going on so much better and just looked better overall. These products are in my current skincare lineup:

I always follow up my face wash with rose hip oil, in the morning and evening, followed by moisturizer. These routine has made my skin so happy and healthier than ever! Now, let's talk makeup...

F O U N D A T I O N | I've been using a BB cream for awhile but I decided I wanted to switch it up and try a light to medium coverage foundation instead. I started using this foundation back in March and I am really loving it! It's lightweight and gives the coverage that I was looking for. When I'm wearing foundation, I still want to look like me. I'm totally fine if my freckles show through my foundation. I have grown so much more confident in my own skin this past year!

 C O N C E A L E R | For the past few years, one of the very few non-drug store products I would buy would be concealer. But, I was determined to find a concealer that I liked that was also budget friendly. I have been using this for about a month now and I really like it. I am planning to try a few more affordable ones but this one definitely does the job! I use this blending sponge to apply my foundation and my concealer. It's my favorite one!

P O W D E RI have been using a different powder for over two years and they are discontinuing it so I am hunting for a new powder. I use a layer of powder on top of my foundation to set it for the day. I am trying this new, budget friendly option and I like it so far. I would recommend applying this powder with the foundation brush that I'm sharing at the bottom of this post. It goes on more smoothly and you can blend it so much better! I have repurchased this several times. I apply my powder with this brush.

B R O N Z E RI just bought this bronzer for the second time and if you haven't smelled this kind before, you need to! It smells so good! I also really love how smoothly it goes on and it gives you such a really glow. I would highly recommend it! I apply my bronzer with this brush. I also even use this as an eye shadow. It's such a great product!

B L U S H |I have been loving this blush in the shade tea rose. I love it! This is such a good drugstore blush. Also, the packaging is so pretty! I apply my blush with this brush.

H I G H L I G H T E RI have been using this super budget friendly highlighter for almost three years. This is only $4 and it lasts forever. It adds the prettiest highlight to your face! I apply my highlighter with this brush.

E Y E L I N E R | I have been using this eyeliner since I was 18! I usually use a small brush to smudge it a little after applying for a more subtle look on my top lash line.

M A S C A R AThis Cover Girl Exhibitionist mascara is probably my favorite drug store mascara find of all time! When I look for a mascara, I'm looking for one that can give me length and volume. This one does just that and does it so well!

L I P  B A L M | I have been using this tinted lip balm with SPF this summer. I love that it protects my lips and gives them some color!

M A K E U P  T O O L  C L E A N E RAlso, keeping your makeup tools clean is a super important part of your beauty routine! When I was younger, I didn't do a great job at this and my skin paid for it in breakouts. I have been using this soap to clean my blender and brushes for a few months now. I love this soap because it's make out of all natural ingredients. It comes in a bar or liquid formula and can be used for everything from cleaning your makeup brushes to your body!

Thank you so much for stopping by! Here's to good hair and makeup days! Have a great day!

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