Wednesday, November 14, 2018

33 Things About Me for My 33rd Birthday

north carolina blogger, style on a budget, happy birthday to me, mom style, fall fashion
Hey y'all! Happy Birthday to me! To celebrate my thirty third birthday, I'm sharing thirty three things you may or may not know about me! This list is really in no particular order of importance and it's random but I am too so it's perfect for me, lol. I hope you enjoy getting to know me a little bit better!

north carolina blogger, style on a budget, happy birthday to me, mom style, fall fashion

1. I started this blog back in 2009 when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter. I just started it as a way to document my pregnancy. It has had at least four different names but obviously the current name is my favorite! I feel like it sums up my life pretty perfectly as I try to live my life with style and a whole lot of grace!

2. My favorite color has always been pink. If there's a pink option, it's mine!

3. I have a strange, irrational fear of whales. I don't know what it is but they freak me out! Sea World was an awful experience for me.

4. Sweets are one of my weaknesses, especially sour candy. Sour Patch kids are my favorite and I love a slice of cheesecake! I have to have something sweet after pretty much every meal.

5. I really only listen to Christian music except for Keith Urban.

6. I have been married to my husband since 2008 (we got married when I was 22).
We just celebrated ten years in June!

north carolina blogger, style on a budget, happy birthday to me, mom style, fall fashion

7. I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (also in 2008) with a degree in Elementary Education. 

8. I have traveled out of the country twice. I went to the Dominican Republic for my honeymoon and we celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary in Cozumel, Mexico.

9. My family owns their own small business of six convenience stores. I worked at one of them throughout college.

10. I don't like surprises. They stress me out. Also, it's super hard to surprise me! I figure out surprises without really trying. I'm very intuitive!

11. My husband and I have been together (officially) since November of 2006, almost twelve years. He's my best friend!

12. My three top places that I want to visit are are Italy, Greece, and Hawaii.

north carolina blogger, style on a budget, happy birthday to me, mom style, fall fashion

13. I love living in central North Carolina because the mountains or the beach are just a few hours away. I love them both but the beach is my happy place! We also are not far from lots of a great cities with so many fun things to do. Day trips are our favorite! 

14. I bought the second wedding dress I tried on. It didn't even fit me and I had to have it tailored down three sizes since it was the only one available. I just knew it was the one! I am very decisive when it comes to big decisions. When I know, I know.

15. I'm an extroverted introvert which basically means that I'm outgoing when I feel like it, lol. I love socializing but I equally love my alone time.

16. I taught third grade for four years. I resigned from my position to spend more time at home with my children when I had my second daughter. I always wanted to be a teacher and a mommy!

17. I serve twice a month at my church in the tech booth. I run the computer which basically means I run videos, lyrics, and sermon notes. We've been at our church since 2011 and it also happens to be where I work as well (but I don't work for the church).

18. I have lived in North Carolina all of my life. I love my home state!

19. Flowers make me ridiculously happy. Especially if they are pink! I'm the crazy person taking photos of flowers everywhere I go, even the fake ones at Hobby Lobby, haha!

20.  I worked at a grocery store when I was in high school and I loved it. Scanning groceries was my favorite. Yes, I'm weird!

north carolina blogger, style on a budget, happy birthday to me, mom style, fall fashion

21. If I could go anywhere right now, I would go to Disney World or Disney Land (I'm not picky)! I absolutely love all things Disney and my favorite princess will always be Belle.

22. I currently work at a non-profit afterschool enrichment program called The Dream Center as the STEM Coordinating Facilitator and I just began my seventh year there. I love my job! It's literally a dream and I am so thankful for the rewarding work that I get to do each day! 

23. I'm definitely a dog person. They are the best! I love them all, especially my sweet Maggie. She's an eleven year old Beagle mix and just such a great dog. So sweet and super smart!

24. I began my "fashion blogging" with thrifted outfits that I put together from local thrift stores and the Goodwill. I used to take pictures of my outfits in my mirror before it was cool, lol. 

25. The first place Josh and I went together was Woods of Terror (a haunted trail) and he proposed at the same place almost exactly one year later. Also, a fun fact, I hate anything haunted or scary. It gives me major anxiety! I cannot watch horror movies. They're awful!

26. I have two brothers and I'm the youngest.

27. I have absolutely no self control when it comes to chips and salsa or Chick-Fil-A waffle fries. I need all of the Chick-Fil-A sauce! I love to eat!

28. My favorite holiday is Christmas but I can't get excited about it until at least November 15 (the day after my birthday). I can't wait to put up my tree!

29. My front door is pink and it's one of my favorite things about our home. 

30. I'm one-fourth Cherokee, my kids are one-fourth Puerto Rican, and Josh is half Puerto Rican.

31. I always wanted to be a girl mom. It was literally my dream to have two little girls! The names Julianna and Olivia (even though I've always loved this name) were actually never on my list for potential names but they fit my girls perfectly.

32. I didn't drink coffee until I become a mother (when I was 24) and now it's one of my favorite parts of my day. Coffee and quiet time is the best but I usually end up drinking warm-ish coffee in a to-go cup on the way to taking the kiddos to school.

33. I absolutely love to travel! Our next big trip will be during the summer and we are planning to go to Puerto Rico to show the girls more about their heritage, go sight seeing, and visit some of Josh's family that still live there. I cannot wait!

Thank you so much for stopping by to celebrate with me! Have a great day!

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  1. Happy birthday! Love reading your fun facts :)

  2. Happy birthday, my friend! Loved reading all about you! Have an awesome day!