Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Olivia: 11 months

Olivia is 11 months old as of yesterday! I can't believe our baby girl will be 1 year old next month! Time flies! I think it flies even faster once you have children.

Miss Olivia can stand all by herself for a few seconds at a time. She's learned how to climb the stairs, too... which is really scary! Hello baby gate at the bottom of the stairs. She can crawl super fast and I just know she's going to be walking in no time.

She is still a nursing champ. I'm so proud that she has been exclusively breastfed for 11 months. She still nurses 4-6 times per day. She also eats solid food like a champ, too. She loves pretty much everything I give her. A few of her favorites are pears, peaches, bananas, graham crackers, beans, cheese, ham, yogurt, and so much more. She really hasn't turned much of anything down. She's such a good eater!

We won't go back to the peditrician until next month but I would guess she is still around 18 lbs. and about 28 inches long according to the chart in her bedroom.

She still doesn't consistently sleep through the night. We have a random good night here and there but she usually wakes up 1-2 times.

Her talking has jump started this month! Olivia consistently says mom mom and dada when she sees us. She always says nom nom when she wants to eat and says dog dog when she sees a dog. She seems to adore dogs and claps her hands when she sees one. She has also gotten really good at waving hello and goodbye.

Happy 11 Months, Olivia Grace!

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