Monday, October 22, 2012

thrifty: new finds

My parents had Julianna on Saturday evening so it was just Olivia and I. It's much easier to go thrift shopping with one child rather than two so I took advantage of my one baby time and went to Goodwill. I didn't need any clothes for the girls. They are stocked up very well for awhile but I needed a few things for myself since a lot of my fall/winter clothes do not fit or they were maternity since I've worn maternity clothes during the fall/winter for the last 2 out of 3 years.

I really wanted a long sleeve light weight denim button up top. I had seen them online from J. Crew, GAP, Old Navy, and a few of my other favorite retailers but I'm not paying full price. I like going into a thrift store with a game plan. It helps me stay focused and not walk out with a bunch of stuff that I really don't need and won't actually use. So I went to the long sleeve section first. I found a cute plaid long sleeve Tommy Hilfiger shirt that I loved and then went down the next aisle. And guess what I found?! A denim top that was exactly what I was looking for! It was my size and from the GAP. Both tops were about $8.00 so I'd say that was a successful thrifting trip!

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