Wednesday, January 13, 2010

28 weeks. 4 days. doctor's appt.

I just got home from the doctor to see what in the world is wrong with my side.

When I first got there, the nurse weighed me (158 today... weight gain of 30 pounds), checked my temperature and blood pressure... and asked the usual questions.

Then I waited and waited and waited in the exam room. It felt like forever! Finally, a nurse practitioner came in to evaluate me (since my doctor was not at the office today). She was VERY thorough. She checked the baby's heartbeat (147), examined me externally and internally, checked my heart and lungs, and asked me many questions. She made me feel as though she truly wanted to help me feel better--which is good feeling to have at the doctor's office! She seemed stumped. She had a few hypothesis' about what it could be but she wasn't sure about anything. I had three different blood tests done today and I will go back next Thursday for a follow-up and an ultrasound to check on Julianna. Her strongest belief was that my uterus has been growing and could have possibly caused a broken rib or torn ligament. I just hope it isn't anything more serious than that.

I hope they are able to find out exactly what it is but most of all, I want my baby and I to be safe. So in the meantime, I am not allowed to lift anything that is more than 10 pounds and I am on partial bed rest, meaning that when I'm not at work, I need to be laying down and when I am at work, I need to rest as much as possible. She also prescribed some stronger pain medication to ease my pain for the time being.

Keep me (or should I say, us) in your prayers!

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